Impact Bar

Northland Guard

At the loading point of a conveyor installation the conveyor belt is subject to high impact due to kinetic energy of falling material.

Northland Guard are placed and fixed under the conveyor belt and absorbs energy due to impact of falling material. In addition to this the impact bars help in smooth movement of conveyor belt due to the low friction drag and also reduce spillage of material.

The impact bars are installed and clamped on the metal support frame with ‘T’ bolts and nyloc nuts and washers as shown below.

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High energy absorption

Excellent abrasion & impact resistance

Lower friction drag

Helps in reducing material spillage

Quick and easy installation

Improves service life of belts


Northland Impact Bars are used at the loading point of a conveyor installation where high levels of energy absorption and low friction drag is desired.

They replace conventional conveyor rollers and absorb the impact energy from falling material while supporting the belt edges.