Special Conveyor Belts

Super Speciality Heat Resistant (SSHR)

"NORTHLAND" with its strong commitment towards R & D for new most Efficient products, has developed SSHR(Super Specialty Heat Resistant)conveyor belts.

The SSHR belt has been specially designed to overcome the deficiencies of Conventional Heat Resistant, Super Heat Resistant & Ultra Heat Resistant Grade belts, such as less belt life, less splice life, crack formation in cover, Ballooning of belt etc., resulting in high belt consumptions, high inventory, uncertain & frequent change-over, high spillage etc., resulting in increase in belt costs.

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Salient Features Of SSHR (Super Speciality Heat Resistant) Grade

  • Crack Free Convers
  • Elastic (Rubber cover elongation at break 500% min.)
  • High heat resistance application
    1. For continuous load      :   200ºC
    2. For intermittent load    :   Above 200ºC up to 250ºC
    3. Occasional red hot material on normal pile
    4. Regenerative covers for moderate, intermittent, red hot materials.
    5. Rugged construction
    6. Special polymer compound with a unique high heat sustenance quality.
    7. Remarkably high bond strength under high heat flex-fatigue conditions.
    8. Specially designed fabrics to take care of flex fatigue at high temp.

The excellent MECH-CHEM bond has high sustenance property, particularly in splice zone, which is able to sustain under severe heat conditions.

Supersedes Ultra Heat Resistant and T3 generation belts & tested as per ISO-4195 (Part-I & II).

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Provides higher belt traction

Improved belt tracking & reduced belt tension

Superior wear resistance

Enhances belt performance


SSHR belts avoid huge losses on account of High belt consumption, overcome un-certainties on belt/ joint failure and reduce air pollution by containing/ stopping spillages, which are caused due to material entrapment in cracks etc.

SSHR is a specialty product for high heat application, hence is advised that customer should provided maximum critical information on application, enabling us to recommend suitable belt construction, if required.